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Travel by Land :
40 minutes from Singapore
4 hours from Kuala Lumpur
7 hours from Penang

Johor Bahru - The Strategic Location

Johor Bahru plays a crucial role in the Johor-Singapore Special Economic Zone (JS-SEZ) initiative as a strategic hub for economic development. Its proximity to the Singaporean border positions the city as a key participant in strengthening business connections and enhancing connectivity between Malaysia and Singapore.

The JS-SEZ, initially proposed by the Minister of Economy after consultations with the Johor state government, emphasizes the importance of local involvement. With the successful acquisition of RM70.6 billion in foreign investments in 2023, Johor Bahru is poised to benefit significantly from the JS-SEZ, especially in sectors such as electronics, financial services, business-related services, and healthcare.

The city’s proximity to ports and a qualified workforce adds to its appeal as a potential manufacturing hub, not only for the medical devices industry but also for other targeted sectors. Johor Bahru’s strategic position strengthens its role in driving economic growth and attracting foreign investments to enhance the business ecosystems of Iskandar Malaysia.

Furthermore, Johor Bahru’s participation in the JS-SEZ aligns with broader regional developments, including progress on the Forest City development and the new rail link set to open in 2026. As the initiative progresses, Johor Bahru is expected to emerge as a vibrant economic center, significantly contributing to the success and impact of the JS-SEZ in fostering cross-border economic connectivity between Malaysia and Singapore.

What Is Our Role ?

As a pharmaceutical and medical packaging manufacturer, Harleigh and Shin-Nippon can strategically contribute to Johor Bahru’s development within the JS-SEZ. Leveraging our expertise, we can play a crucial role in fostering the growth of the healthcare sector, supporting the development of medical devices and pharmaceuticals in the local and neighboring regions such as Singapore and Indonesia.

Simultaneously, Harleigh and Shin-Nippon can explore opportunities to extend connections to other parts of Southeast Asia. By establishing collaborations and partnerships in neighboring regions, our company can contribute to the broader economic development of Southeast Asian countries. This approach aligns with Johor Bahru’s role as a key player in fostering regional business connections and improving economic ties, creating a ripple effect that goes beyond local borders.

As the JS-SEZ progresses, Harleigh and Shin-Nippon’s active participation in cross-border initiatives can position the company as a significant player in the Southeast Asian pharmaceutical and medical packaging landscape. This dual strategy not only strengthens our market presence but also enhances the overall economic growth and attractiveness of the region for foreign investments.

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