Corporate Philosophy of Asahi Printing Group

We strive for management that aligns the perpetual growth of our company with the happiness of our employees while prioritizing a customer-oriented approach.

Our Mission and Vision

Under our slogan, “Embracing the spirit of ‘tsu tsu mu ko ko ro – the heartfelt hospitality’ and taking a new first step,” we will strive to create unwavering added value in the packaging for our customers and enhance the corporate value of the entire Asahi Printing Group by implementing the following five business strategies.

Five Strategies

Strategically expand market share in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics fields and take on the challenge of new business sections. (strengthen label business, packaging machinery sales business and new businesses)

Optimize our productivity and added value to customers.

Build a system that enables all employees of the Asahi Printing Group to have goals and pride in what we do and perform at our best.

From Toyama to the World.
Expand the business in ASEAN region and develop strategies to enter the next market.

Bring together all the resources and technologies of the Asahi Printing Group to generate synergies among the entire group’s businesses.

Asahi Printing Group Code of Conduct

The Asahi Printing Group Code of Conduct sets forth the basic internal standards to be observed by all Asahi Printing Group directors, officers, and employees (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Asahi Officers and Employees”).

Asahi Printing Group, in addition to declaring that it will itself comply with this Code of Conduct, requests that all Asahi Officers and Employees read this Code of Conduct, understand it, and comply with it.

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