Production facilities

Dedicated to excellence, we offer customized, comprehensive packaging solutions for pharmaceutical and medical products. Our proficiency extends to anti-counterfeit and security measures, sustainable packaging practices, precise vision inspection, and high-end packaging solutions. Elevate your product packaging quality and meet diverse needs with our innovative and reliable services, distingushing your brand in the market.

1. Plate Making

Our advanced plate-making capability employs cutting-edge technology to transform intricate designs into high-precision printing plates. Our skilled team ensures the entire process is efficient, delivering superior print quality and clarity.

2. Colour Press

Our offset printing facilities dedicated to pharmaceutical and medical device packaging adhere strictly to high-quality standards.

Equipped with a full range of packaging machines, these facilities undergo a stringent process, incorporating detailed quality checks. This ensures the production of reliable and compliant packaging for pharmaceutical and medical products in these specialized manufacturing processes.

Renowned for its high-volume capabilities, offset printing stands as an optimal solution for large-scale printing needs, offering substantial cost savings while consistently delivering exceptional high-quality results.

3. Hot-Stamping

We enhance the aesthetics of the cartons through sophisticated hot-stamping techniques. Our proficiency in hot-stamping extends beyond conventional methods, incorporating various foils and finishes. This capability enables us to create visually stunning and customized cartons, emphasizing intricate details and design.

4. Die-Cut

Precision is paramount in our die-cutting processes. Our advanced die-cutting machinery, coupled with skilled operators, ensures that each carton is intricately shaped according to specifications. This commitment to detail results in perfectly and precisely formed cartons.

5. QA Inspection

Our dedication to quality assurance is evident in our meticulous inspection processes. Utilizing advanced quality control technologies, every carton undergoes a thorough examination to ensure color accuracy, print quality, and structural integrity. This commitment ensures that our clients receive products that meet their expectations.

6. Folding & Gluing

Our folding and gluing processes operate with efficiency and precision. Advanced machinery, coupled with skilled craftsmen, ensures that every carton is folded and glued with utmost accuracy. This not only enhances the overall visual appeal of the carton but also ensures its structural integrity, meeting industry standards.

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