Certification & Compliance

We understand the Pharmaceutical and Medical industries.

We manufacture top-notch Pharmaceutical and Medical packaging.

We prioritize safety and integrity in Pharmaceutical and Medical packaging.

With over 35 years of extensive experience in pharmaceutical and medical packaging manufacturing, our dedication to product quality and reliability is evident in our broad professional knowledge and practical experience. This foundation consistently enables us to deliver high-quality pharmaceutical and medical packaging.

We possess a wide range of capabilities, offering various secondary packaging solutions designed for the specific needs of globally renowned pharmaceutical and medical companies. These include customized solutions for Folding Cartons, Rigid Boxes, and Patient Inserts.

Throughout our journey, we’ve specialized in pharmaceutical and medical packaging, gaining expertise in quality assurance and successfully producing various high-quality solutions in this field.

We provide precise and high-quality packaging solutions for a wide range of pharmaceutical and medical products, such as vaccines, vials, syringes, and vascular pacemakers, acting as a trusted partner to global industry leaders.

Adopting a collaborative approach, we customize anti-counterfeiting packaging solutions to meet our customers’ specific needs.

Across our corporate journey, we’ve maintained an outstanding reputation in the packaging industry, showcasing unwavering dedication to delivering cutting-edge packaging services.

Adhering to ISO accreditation, FDA guidelines, and GMP supplier practices.

We obtained ISO 9001 certification in 2002 and ISO 14001 certification in 2006. These certifications fully reflect our firm compliance with these high standards.

Our professional quality team strictly adheres to internal guidelines and SOPs, ensuring compliance with GMP requirements.

This commitment reflects our steadfast dedication to quality assurance throughout our corporate history.

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